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  Jin Bong KIM(2012-11-23 02:06:31, Hit : 3764, Vote : 592
 영문사역보고서(2012년 7월-11월)

Looking back at the past few months, I am amazed to see how the Lord has developed the relationship between Korean churches and OMSC.  It is a great privilege for me, to work at OMSC as an International Church Relations Assistant to the Executive Director and to experience the many ministries among Korean Churches in Korea and North America. I am grateful for the many Korean mission scholars and leaders which include senior pastors. They often say that OMSC is strengthening and challenging the Korean mission and churches through the Korea Global Mission Leaders Forum, Korean Pastor Luncheon Seminar, and Mission Revival Conference.

Last July, I attended the 7th Korean World Mission Conference at Wheaton College, which examined the mission developments in the past and mission trends for the next 10 years. The mission conference, which has convened every four years at Wheaton College since 1988, was sponsored by the largest  of three Korean mission organizations; Korean World Mission Council for Christ, Korean World Mission Association, and Korean World Mission Fellowship. There were over 5,000 people and half of them are missionaries that have participated in the KWMC.  I had an opportunity to give a lecture and share the OMSC ministries with many participants.  I was invited to KWMC from November 12 through 15, in Los Angeles, there I had a good opportunity to introduce OMSC ministries to more than 100 Korean mission leaders who were very interested in OMSC and wanted to work together with OMSC.

On September 10, The Korean Pastor Luncheon Seminar 2012 was held in the OMSC conference room. Many senior pastors arrived from Montreal, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Boston, and Connecticut.  The main speaker Rev. Ken Choi, who is a senior pastor at Ttokamsa church in Los Angeles, challenged all participants to orient a mission minded church.  He promised that his church would be a strong supporter of OMSC in the future.  Praise the Lord!

The New York Plainview United Church invited the OMSC residents including Dr. Jonathan Bonk to the 40th Year Anniversary Mission Conference from Friday, October 26 to Sunday, October 28.  On the first day of the mission conference, Dr. Elmer gave a powerful testimony to all congregations. Four OMSC residents spoke about “What is Mission?” and the direction of world missions. The second day, there were wonderful testimonies by Korean women regarding several programs that were about world missions. All 22 OMSC residents spent a one evening in 6 various congregation members’ homes. Dr. Jonathan Bonk preached twice on Sunday, October 28, and afterwards we led 7 various seminars for the congregation. Graciously, the New York Plainview United Church offered not only a generous honorarium to each family but also two digital pianos for the OMSC residents. We praise the Lord who has really blessed the church and the OMSC residents through these events.

I pray that the Lord will bless the OMSC ministry, the Korean churches in North America and in Korea through my ministry. There are many Korean churches and mission organizations that will be His partners for the Kingdom. Amen!

This is my brief report for the last few months

-        The 7th Korean World Mission Conference at Wheaton College, July 19-26
-        Korean Pastor Luncheon Seminar, September 10( 62 people attended)
-        Montreal Francophone Mission Conference in Montreal, October 4-7
-        Mission Conference at New York Plainview United Church, October 26-28
-        The 25th Korean World Mission Conference(with Leaders Only) in L.A. , Nov. 12-14
-        Attended several Connecticut Korean Pastor’s meetings

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