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  Jin Bong KIM(2014-02-28 01:06:42, Hit : 3131, Vote : 456
 2013년 영문사역보고서

여러분의 기도와 후원에 힘입어 주어진 사명을 성실히 잘 감당할 수 있음에 깊은 감사를 드립니다. 영어로 된 지난 사역 보고서를 첨부합니다. 다시금 감사를 드리면서 예수님의 평강이 넘치길 간구드립니다.

I am blessed by my ministries at OMSC since 2009 and humbly appreciate being given the position as director of International Church Relations. The Lord has given me His strength and wisdom in order to make contribution towards the development of relationships between OMSC and the Korean churches within the United States, Korea, and other countries.

Throughout 2012-2013 there have been significant developments and networking between OMSC and the Korean churches in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Boston and in particular in Seoul, Korea. Also there has been networking within the Montreal, Canada area via the Korean Pastor Mission Luncheon Seminar.

Have a Korean Pastor Mission Luncheon Seminar on September 9, 2013, and Dr. Nelson Jennings, will be a primary speaker. The incoming five Korean resident families who will reside at OMSC will give their brief testimonies to the pastors and the mission leaders in Connecticut and the New England, New York, New Jersey and Canada areas. During this annual event, many Korean pastors are introduced and are blessed to meet new acquaintances during their time at OMSC. After having the event, a number of Korean pastors asked some Korean residents to share their ministries in the mission field with their congregations. I pray that God will bless our relationships between OMSC and the Korean Churches continually through the Korean Pastor Mission Luncheon Seminar. Also I really want to see a flame of the mission revival movement in the New England areas via OMSC ministries.

I had the great privilege to serve as orchestrator of the Mission Revival Conference in several churches in New York and Connecticut. The New York Plainview United Church invited the OMSC residents including Dr. Jonathan Bonk to the 40th Year Anniversary Mission Conference from Friday, October 26 to Sunday, October 28.  On the first day of the mission conference, Dr. Elmer gave a powerful testimony to all congregations. Four OMSC residents spoke about “What is Mission?” and the direction of world missions. The second day, there were wonderful testimonies by Korean women regarding several programs that were about world missions. All 22 OMSC residents spent a one evening in 6 various congregation members’ homes. Dr. Jonathan Bonk preached twice on Sunday, October 28, and afterwards we led 7 various seminars for the congregation. Graciously, the New York Plainview United Church offered not only a generous honorarium to each family but also two digital pianos for the OMSC residents. We praise the Lord who has really blessed the church and the OMSC residents through these events.

Also I organized the Third Mission Revival Conference at New Haven Korean Church in Hamden from January 26th to 27 and at the First Korean Presbyterian Church in Hartford (March 2–3, 2013) and the Korean United Methodist Church in Westville (April 21) as well.

Many of the members of these churches enjoyed “Mission Revival Conference” with us, and received the many challenges on how to support God’s mission. In fact, many church members who attended the Mission Revival Conference for the first time had an amazing opportunity to learn about the mission. They would like to continue to invite OMSC missionaries to the conferences. The event will continue this year with our new residents. I pray that all the churches and OMSC resident families will be blessed through the Mission Revival Conference. Above of all, OMSC residents who gave us their feedback about the Mission Revival Conference wish that there would be more opportunities to share their ministries with many different churches while they are here at OMSC. In fact, Dr. Elmer from Cuba said that I never had a such extraordinary experience at a Korean church.

I am delighted to learn that the OMSC Korean residents are now having significant roles within the Korean Churches and with pastors in Connecticut and the New England Area. Through our participations in a number of meetings, we have established very good relationships with the Korean Churches and pastors. I would like to have further opportunities to interface with them throughout the year, not only with the Korean residents and the non-Koreans, too. In addition to all these relationships, I am also very

I have had the great privilege to facilitator the Korean Global Mission Leadership Forum from June 11-14, 2013. Nowadays, many Korean mission leaders are interested in the KGMLF and they want to be participating in the Forum.  We have invited 30 Korean leaders and the other 30 non-Korean leaders who are expert about “The Missionary Family Issue” Also by God’s grace, we have fundraised about $67,000 and Onnuri Community Church in Seoul, one of mega churches in Korea has already promised to support the cost of publishing the Korean book including 2,000 Korean books given to OMSC.  On July 8, 2013 we will have a KGMLF 2013 debriefing seminar at Onnuri Community Church in Seoul.  The event by three different groups as KriM with Dr. Steve Sang-Cheol Moon, OMSC and the senior pastor of Onnuri Community Church, Rev. Jae Hoon Lee. This will be very significant unity for the Korean Church and Mission .  On November 25, 2013 we will meet a planning meetings committee at Seoul Club for the next KGMLF and then we are planning to have a Korean book dedication ceremony in the evening as well.  I am so delighted to see that Natalie Yip is able to assist me to prepare coming KGMLF event.

I have planned a very special event coming December 2013 in Korea for Dr. Jonathan Bonk and Mrs. Jean Bonk. On December 2, we will have a retirement party by Korean alumni in Taeback in Korea. I know the OMSC Korean alumni would like to express their gratitude and appreciation towards them for their many years of service. I believe that the Lord has blessed many people from around the globe and at OMSC through Dr. Bonk and Mrs. Bonk’s ministry.

June 2013

Director of International Church Relations

영문사역보고서 (2013.12) 중국,한국 사역
영문사역보고서(2012년 7월-11월)

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