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  Jin Bong KIM(2017-06-20 23:48:24, Hit : 5361, Vote : 297
 우스만 잘로 가족의 기도요청

Dear pastor Kim,

I hope you and your family are well!

I wanted to write you since quite a long time, but we were very busy preparing our big move to Guinea…

We arrived on May 9th and started looking for a house right away. So Ousmane was very busy, especially since his sister Rakiatou got married just 4 days after our arrival and Ousmane helped a lot.

And he went visiting lots of houses. Since he only searched in a special area where there is much more security (Kipé, Nongo), there weren’t many houses at an affordable prize… Since last Thursday, we’re living in our new home in Demoudoula (between Kaporo and Nongo). The house is big, even too big. But that permits us to have a room for visitors (invitation!) and still another room free to host MBB who need a bed. What we didn’t know when signing the contract is that it’s a Wahabit quarter. We’ll see how we’ll get along. So that’s a prayer request to have good contacts in the quarter (despite that there are a lot of walls around the compounds) and that nobody will disturb our work.
We don’t have internet at home yet, but we’ll contact you when skype will be possible.

Marc Lamine did get used to the new climate and situation quite well. We’re grateful for that.

When we’ll be really settled, Ousmane will see if he could cooperate with Emmaus-school again. Or perhaps with GBEEG. Our aim is still to work among Musl*ms, but also to follow and help those who decided to follow Jesus. We’ll see how to proceed work.

I will also help our mission’s administrator in the office.

Blessings from Guinea!

Gitte and Ousmane Diallo

우스만 가족이 아내와 아들 라민과 기니의 무슬림 사역을 위해 독일에서의 신혼생활과 선교단체 훈련 및 허입과정을 잘 마치고 지난 2017년 5월 9일에 기니의 수도 코나크리로 이주하였습니다. 앞으로 그곳에서의 정착 그리고 약 400백만명이 넘는 풀라리 무슬림 종족 사역을 위해 그 가정이 귀하게 쓰임받을 수 있도록 그리고 독일에서 태어나 새롭게 아빠의 나라인 기니에서 자랄 어린 자녀 우스만 라민을 위해서 기도를 부탁드립니다.

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